Monday, May 7, 2012

Calling Zooey

hey dolls! thanks for the time off. my blogging will still be minimal this week, but I wanted to post for marketing monday, yay!
today were looking at one of my favorite fashionista's Zooey Deschanel and her new Iphone 4S commercial. I am also providing you with so much zooey approved shopping options! But before we start shopping, take a peak at the commercial!

Tomato red (or red orange) is a hot color this spring (and fall too, yay)! Wear it head to toe for a monochromatic look (see how I wore it here) or wear it in small doses for the perfect pop of color. 

Zooey may have been avoiding "real" shoes, but you don't have to! Here are some great zooey-girlie shoe finds for the fashionista on a budget!

Pajama party? I love that Zooey is wearing simple and chic pajamas in this ad, especially since I have been recently obsessed with cute pjs (post soon to come). You too can sleep in style by cuddling up in these cute pieces.

Can't get enough zooey? You're in luck! I'm kind of obsessed with her.... she I feature her often! so be sure to check out my other zooey posts!


  1. It is funny that you would be posting Zooey today! I was just looking at the website what would Zooey deschanel wear to get outfit ideas. It was really fun and then I clicked over here to find her again!!!! Thanks Courtney!

    1. sandee, get out of my brain :] we always seem to be on the same page, I love it! I want to do a few posts about zooeys style when I have some more time this summer, she is so fabulous! I am glad you enjoyed it <3


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