Monday, April 23, 2012

vroom, vroom.

happy monday! for today's marketing monday, lets look one of my favorite spring campaigns
Prada's super fun spring 2012 line is inspired by classic cars! take a peak at some of the campaign images

This line has a great vintage vibe, with novelty flair! I love the classic shapes done in fun patterns and colors! 
Some of the pieces are a little more novelty, fun and red hot!
 Even the eyewear got a vintage-esque make over.
dakota? is that you? you look amazing in those fabulously flaming sling backs. care to share?
 fergie ferg? you too? look at you setting the red carpet a blaze in Prada spring 2012.
beep beep! move over boring shoes, this spring is all about show stopping style. 
MWAH! I'm personally obsessed with these kissable stilettos... I actually have dreams about wearing them all the time (is it weird that I often don't remember what happens in my dreams, but I always remember what I'm wearing?)
I'm clearly addicted... but what do you think about this spring campaign? does it get your motor running? let me know ! ...


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