Monday, April 16, 2012

Color Changes Everything

Welcome back to another Marketing Monday, Meet today's target Company!
That's right, today, we're tackling another Marketing Master: Target! As we look at their newest campaigns for 2012, take a peak...

As a Marketing Geek I have always been obsessed with the ad's and campaigns of target, but this ad is one of my all time favorites because it features some of my favorite things: hot air balloons, color, frenchness (I am making up words here...) and target!
Target's ads are to get you in the door, but what do you find once you make the trip (or visit well I found a few great spring/summer target finds, check them out!
I'm dying over the green rain jacket!

Colored Denim Is so big for spring and so affordable at Target!
I'm loving the yellow, but the pinky peach color is also a great hue! which color is your fav?

Well thats all for today marketeers, Until next time Stay Colorful!

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