Monday, April 9, 2012

April is Hopping

Being the marketing junkie I am, I have decided to launch a new segment... Marketing Monday! Where I will feature a new colorful ad campaign or newsworthy marketing action each week!
for this first post were focusing on the new and improved jcpenney!
before we dive in, lets take a peak at the newest jcp commercial for april!

so what do you think? adorable right? simple and classic, and I love the song they use, we have that on our cd at katespade and it always makes me want to do the Charleston or something!
 jcp's spring charm continues with its print and internet ads for april (jcp is creating new month based ads each month, a topic to be discussed on another mkt mon)

and even the store got a make over...
oh, and did you notice the new logo? fair and square
 so how else is jcp putting its best foot forward? well by reinventing themselves from the inside out, starting with the creation of the jcp "dream team".
The new CEO, Ron Johnson (formerly from Apple and responsible for launching the apple retail stores) joined the team last year and Michael Francis, the new JCP president is the marketing genius behind some of targets most successful campaigns. Together, these two are turning heads in the industry and Forbes even states that JCP will be the most interesting retailer of 2012.

But what about the product?
We know JCP can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? Since marketing will only get people in the door, all campaigns need to be supported by up to par product, otherwise no one will buy anything. Good thing that JCP has some spring steals for clothing and accessories in store and online today.
click here for the spring dresses product information
I am really into statement jewelry, especially for spring! So now lets take a look at the amazing accessories in stores at jcp!
jewelry product information

So what do you think about the new and improved jcp? will you be shopping there this season?

and what do you think about marketing monday? is it a hit or a miss? and are there any particular retailers or industries that you would like to see featured?

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  1. I agree about jc penny! I got a dress there on Friday and I love it. Madeline got some shoes that look like fossil shoes. I was impressed.


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