Thursday, April 26, 2012

1 look, 3 ways.

Today we are putting your wardrobe to work by creating 3 different looks at out 1 core outfit!
with school, work, internships and presentations I have been a busy busy bee lately! On monday (when I wore this look) I started my day working at kate spade, then rushed to school for a presentation and ended with my night classes. I didn't have time to change between these events, so I had to transform the outfit I wearing! Today, I will teach you how to do the same so you can take your look from work to weekend and back again.

Before we get started, take a look at the key pieces I used in all three looks...

Top: Cropped Top, Forever. Skirt: Handmade (similar). Ring: All Wrapped Up Bow Ring, Kate Spade (in stores). Glasses: Tom Ford*. Belt: All Wrapped Up Bow Belt in Black, kate spade (no longer available) (similar). Earrings: Gumdrop studs in aqua, kate spade.

 now that we know what we're working with, lets see the three "Courtney's" I became throughout the day, starting with look one.

Look 1: Cute Courtney

First up was the flirty girlie look I started my day in: my Kate Spade work attire.
since I work at Kate Spade, are work attire is fun and bubbly with a little bit of whimsy. Spades also encourage statement jewelry and colorful touches. This wouldn't be appropriate for a normal corporate job, but you could wear this for a shopping day, lunch with the girls or a day date!
(please disregard the gauze and bandages! I am not yet skilled at becoming culinary courtney and had a run in with my kitchen that left me burned! eek)

Bangles: idiom bangles, Kate Spade. Bracelets: Vintage Sparkle Bracelet, Vintage Gold Chain bracelet (similar, on sale). Necklace: All Eyes On You, kenneth jay lane (I loved it so much I bought it in black too). Necklace: Gold Chains, Max & Chloe. Shoes: Vintage Polka Dot Flats (similar).
Look 2: Corporate Courtney
After work, I ran straight to my MBA program, where I had to do a presentation. For any school presentations I always dress "business casual" because when you look your best, you present your best!
everyone should invest in what I call a casual/corporate jacket that can easily go work or weekend. Putting it on easily dressed up this look! Mine reminds me of Jackie O! I also turned my high back cropped top around for a higher neck line. 
Bracelets: Vintage Sparkle Bracelet, Vintage Gold Chain bracelet (similar, on sale), Vintage Pearl Bracelets (similar). Necklace: All Eyes On You, kenneth jay lane (I loved it so much I bought it in black too). Shoes: White Mary Janes, Jessica Simpson. Jacket: "Jackie O"Jacket, Vintage. 

Look 3: Casual Courtney 
After my 2pm presentation, I spent the rest of the day in classes, so I wanted to be a little more casual and comfortable, especially for my walk home!
I think the key to being casual and comfortable but still cute is to dress up your casual pieces like a denim jacket with unexpected accessories, like a bold broach and statement necklaces! Also I like to pair my super cute tennies with skirts and bold prints instead of basic denim.

Bangles: kate spade idiom bangles, diy decoupage bangles. Bracelets: Vintage Sparkle Bracelet, Vintage Gold Chain bracelet (similar, on sale) Vintage Pearl Bracelets (similar). Necklace: Double Exposure Necklace, Kate Spade (now on sale). Broach: Music Note, Vintage. Denim Jacket: Jean Jacket, H&M. Necklace: Gold Chains, Max & Chloe. Shoes: Tretorn Tennies, Kate Spade (NLA in black, similar in peach and blue

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  1. Hey Courtney! I just wanted to say I adore your blog, as a fellow kate spade worker (I work at the outlet... but still!) I just wanted to know your opinions on the new bond street florence bag? I know you have one, and I've been admiring them in your photos. They've just gone on sale, and with my discount, I'm sorely tempted... thanks!

    1. Hiiii fellow spade!!! Thanks so much you are too sweet I am glad you are enjoying it!!! I love love LOVE my florence you should definitely pick it up on sale (I though from the markdown list it was going on its second markdown today, down to fifty percent off so check that out!). Its a different shape then what I normal use ( I usually do crossbodys) but I would recommend it! I am hard on my bags so I thought I would ruin the flat leather, and I have gotten a few scratches on it but you really can't tell! which is nice! so yes, get it!!!! Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have any other questions about the bag :]

    2. Thanks for your input!! I decided to go ahead and get it in florescent coral! I felt a little guilty since I already got the bow bridge kennedy earlier this year, but I think I would have felt worse if all of the florences went out of stock! I think the leather on the two bags is actually pretty similar, so I won't worry too much about scratches! Thanks again! :)

    3. awesome!!!! I am so glad you got it! haha you must be my purse twin cause I was a little obsessed with the bow bridge kennedy! I didn't end up getting it but I am glad it went to a fabulous home :] enjoy your new florence!! and don't be a stranger! <3


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