Monday, March 19, 2012

He's Mellarkable

Project Peeta:
For my third stylist wanted competition challenge, I was asked to redress the Hunger Games' Peeta Mellark for his pre-game interview.

The Inspiration:
Before beginning to sketch I thought long and hard about the Mellarkable Peeta: He has a fire that burns from the inside out and a quite power about himself, these lead me to the idea of walking through fire and rising from the ashes.
 Fire Fashion:
I wanted to turn the boy with the bread into a firebird on stage, but without overdoing it, because it was important to me (and it is important to Peeta) that underneath it all, he is still himself and not some puppet from the capitol. I dressed Peeta in a ombre suit to resemble "rising from the ashes" and embody the strength and patience qualities of a phoenix firebird. Then I gave him a simple white button up to resemble his "bakers man" roots and a red tie, since his fire burns from the inside out. I finished the look with ombre esque oxfords, not too casual but not to dressy, with flaming red and orange soles for the man who would walk through fire for the girl on fire. 

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