Friday, March 30, 2012

Girl Crush: Jess!

I'm starting a new segment: Girl Crush!
Where I share the star's style which I am crushing on the most!

I thought it was only fitting that my first girl crush post be dedicated to one of my style icons (and style twins) zooey deschanel or New Girl's Jess!
I was a little behind on this weeks new girl episode, but my mom texted me earlier this week asking if I had seen it because she thought Jess was wearing Kate Spade and wanted my confirmation!
Well way to go mom! Jess is wearing the Kate Spade Adette dress! Take a peak...

I hope everyone is enjoying Zooey Deschanel on New Girl as much as I am!


  1. The adette dress is one I want to copy! I love the color blocking in navy and white!

    1. I hope you do !!!! I love the adette dress but I don't wear navy or off white, so I couldn't bring myself to buy it! But make one, make one please! So I can buy it in green and white :] !!!!! OR YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Any idea where to get this dress now or where to get the look 4 less? I'm losing sleep over this dress.

    1. Hey! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!! this dress is from kate spade its about $500 and sold out in almost every color! I had a "look for less" post in the works for this dress so I will post it tomorrow (may 22nd) for you! Check back then! Ill also comment back with the URL once its up :]

    2. here you go !


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