Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year, New Wardrobe

A new year is a new reason to go shopping! But before you hit the stores, take a glance at your guide to a fashionable 2012.
After re-reviewing some of the top designer's spring collections and reading up on the new year necessities as recommended by different fashion gurus, websites and brands I composited my favorites into list of 12 necessities for 2012.

"Glitter, shine, neon and brights are the key elements to a women's must-have fashion essentials in 2012"
--Bloomingdale's Fashion Accessories Director Brook Jaffe

"Also we love ringing in the new year with neon and bright colors! It's the season to be noticed, and bold colors are one of the hottest trends of Spring 2012. Make a statement in everything from your tech accessories, to your wardrobe, with just the right pop of color!"
-- Bloomingdae's Fashion Accessories Director Brook Jaffe 

now get to shopping!

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